New & Hottest Songs – March 2021 – Pt.51

Method Man & Streetlife Spit Bars On “Story Of My Life”

2021 Distrolord

2021 Distrolord

Longtime collaborators Streetlife and Method Man have done it again, spitting bars on “Story Of My Life.”

Streetlife and Method Man have been collaborating for years now, and that loyalty has endured to this day. A few weeks ago — alas, we missed this one at initial release — the pair came through to deliver a new single called “Story Of My Life,” which is set to appear on Streetlife’s upcoming album of the same name. Taking to a vintage sample-driven beat by producer KDef, the track wastes little time in setting a tone.

Streetlife sets it off with some reflective bars, musing with an air of contentment on the fruits of his labor. “I separated the street from the artist, now the top of the chart be the target,” he raps. “You gotta make em love you, fear you, or respect you / I got em’ all checked so let’s start it.” Method Man steps in to close out the track with a verse, his signature flow as sharp as the Shaolin sword he still deftly bears. “I probably robbed your father for his chain,” he muses, without a hint of remorse. “And I probably die a martyr cause I started with a bang / take another’s garments, get retarded with the slang.”

Check it out for yourself now, and look for Streetlife’s Story Of My Life to drop later this summer.


93′ Lp told you to Enter The
You sus got a stick in your butt, told you to enema
The story of my life uncut, its like a cinema,
Consider this considerably, I don’t consider ya

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