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Lecrae Taps John Legend For Inspirational Single “Drown”



Lecrae calls on John Legend to help complete his latest single “Drown.”

On the heels of his recent controversy, Lecrae returns with a new single featuring John Legend. The Christian rapper recently made headlines after meeting with Lou Giglio, a megachurch pastor who said that “White privilege” should instead be called “White blessing.” Lecrae caught a bit of heat online for not speaking up during the conversation, but he later stated that he regretted not being more vocal.

After putting the drama to rest, Lecrae is back with “Drown,” a hopeful inspirational collaboration with the EGOT artist. “John and I labored on this one. Even after the initial session we jumped on FaceTime to tweak it. The man is as equally talented as he is humble,” Lecrae wrote on social media. “His gift and passion bleed thru it. I’m honored to work with my brother. Excited for you all to hear this. #WeWontDrown #Restoration.” Give “Drown” a few spins and let us know what you think of this one by Lecrae and John Legend.

Quotable Lyrics

Lost in this world, with these waves all around me
Deep in the darkness, where it’s heartless
I don’t know if I can make it, I’ll be honest that
I’m fadin’ (I’m fadin’)
I’m fadin’ (I’m fadin’)
Trapped and I feel like it ain’t no escapin’
Down to the bottom, all these problems got me drinkin’
Might drown in this bottle, all this drama got me thinkin’

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