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Tory Lanez Shares Island-Inspired “Crocodile Teeth Freestyle”



The track has a summer vacation vibe and Lanez promised he’s “just warming up.”

Ahead of all of the artists that are slated to drop for New Music Friday, Tory Lanez has shared a new single. The singer-rapper has continued to press forward with releases despite the polarizing debates that have occurred for the better part of a year regarding his alleged involvement with Megan The Stallion’s shooting incident. He’s remained dedicated to proving that he can’t be canceled, and his successes have done just that.

In recent days, Lanez has taken to his Instagram to tease his “Crocodile Teeth Freestyle,” promising to release the track if his followers returned with a certain number of likes. His fans came through, and on Thursday (July 15), Lanez delivered the island-inspired track that is poised for summer playlists. “I’m just warming up,” he wrote in the caption to an Instagram post about “Crocodile Teeth Freestyle.”

Stream the single below and let us know if Lanez knocked this one out of the park.

Quotable Lyrics

Bullets like Beenie Man, haffi hit one a dem, two of dem
Reload the clip, pff, hit another few of dem
We nuh watch pickney when dem talk, yeah
We just wait ’til them grow up den we shot dem
One ting me know, mi nah go a jail again
And to mi dawgs, we never gonna fail again

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