Method Man & Redman Went Insane On Scott Storch Banger “Let’s Do It”

2001 Def Jam

2001 Def Jam

Redman and Method Man showcased impeccable chemistry on the underrated Scott Storch-laced banger “Let’s Do It.”

Hyperbolic statements have never done much good in the greater hip-hop discourse — but sometimes, they’re needed all the same. For example: is Method Man and Redman‘s “Let’s Do It” not one of the most underrated duets of all time? True, we’ve long celebrated tracks like “Da Rockwilder,” and rightfully so — it’s earned its place at the top of the hierarchy. But between Blackout and How High’s original soundtrack, Red and Meth combined to lace an abundance of excellent bangers, including the highly lyrical and charisma-fueled “Let’s Do It.”

Over a middle-eastern inspired instrumental produced by Scott Storch, Redman sets it off with a blistering opening verse. His flow is as sharp as it has ever been, as are his bars. “This is a code alert, my truck rim size the number on Jordan shirt, 23’s go to work,” he spits, his rhyme scheme as impressive as his imagery. “We stick to the streets my shell toe’s Velcro / there I go – werewolves standing with scarecrows.” In contrast, Meth’s cool, calculated demeanor makes him the perfect counterpart. “It’s a wrap pull the curtain, Long John be long gone,” he flows. “I pop shit and pop more bottles then Sean Don.”

Revisit this banger here, and be sure to sound off — where do you feel it ranks in Method Man and Redman‘s overall catalog?


This is a code alert, my truck rim size the number
On Jordan shirt, 23’s go to work
We stick to the streets, my shell toe’s Velcro
There I go, werewolves standing with scarecrows
Y’all n***s barely move me
’til you grow some balls like Miss Mann from Scary Movie
You banned from being mooly

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