New & Hottest Songs – September 2020 – Pt.40

Grafh Taps Smoke DZA & El Camino For “Trappin Out The Hyatt”

Team Bang Dope Gang

Team Bang Dope Gang

With his new album “Good Energy” on the way, Grafh drops off a new single “Trappin Out The Hyatt” with El Camino & Smoke DZA.

Grafh has been on fire this year, kicking things off with Oracle 3 and gearing up to continue the momentum with his upcoming album Good Energy. Set to be released on September 18th, the album features guest appearances from Jim JonesSmoke DZAEric Bellinger, 38 Spesh, El Camino, Harry Fraud, and Mysonne. On this latest single “Trappin Out The Hyatt,” Grafh joins forces with DZA and El Camino for a smooth reflection on hustle and flow.

Off the bat, Grafh kicks down the door with a bully’s flow, his multisyllabic schemes weaving as he sneers taunt after taunt. “Your gangsta just ain’t believeable, and your wifey vagina just ain’t Febrezeable,” he raps, over a vintage instrumental from Rain 910. “It ain’t feasible for you to pull up if it ain’t your vehicle, take the scenic route /  the things I’ve seen and do just ain’t repeatable.” Never failing to make it look easy, Grafh’s latest thrives through its simple yet effective formula. Three emcees, all spitting bars over non-invasive production. Those who appreciate that sort of thing will find much to enjoy here, and on Good Energy as a whole. Check it out for yourself, and look for the full album to drop in a little over a week from now.


Your gangsta just ain’t believeable,
And your wifey vagina just ain’t Febrezeable
It ain’t feasible for you to pull up if it ain’t your vehicle,
Take the scenic route
The things I’ve seen and do just ain’t repeatable

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