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Love & Hip-Hop

Hi Everyone ,

So How love & Hip Hop are related to each other from my perspective ?

Well ,  it ain’t a secret that my love for black music started since i was young kid , by listenning to 2Pac , Dr.Dre , Snoop , Cypress Hill among other artists.

My love for women is like my love for hip hop , for r&b , for soul  , you got nurture it , cherish it ’till the rest of your life ’till you find that special girl , that special woman that will make your heart beat a lot .

“Music is the soul of the man” – Marvin Gaye , Just Like Music\Erick Sermon Feat. Marvin Gaye – Music

There’s a lot of love songs in Hip-Hop\R&B industry , the thing is going by spirit , and the mood you’re into it .

If you’re sad, lonely or bothered ,  most of the chances that  you’ll listen to heartbreak songs that are very emotional .

Well , basically for myself and others i’m wishin’  love , much respect , honor & cherish each and every moment in your life.

Here’s one of my favorite Bob Marley’s song which covered in a soulful R&B way by Bilal.

There’s a lot of Hip-Hop ,R&B Soul songs talkin’ ’bout love , happiness , Here’s some of my favorite songs :

and there’s plenty of hits .

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