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Khalid Links With Singer Watts On Ethereal Single “Feels”

Khalid, Watts

Khalid, Watts

Watts first released the song in 2018 & after Khalid stumbled upon it during quarantine, he asked to reinvent the track with the singer-songwriter.

This is a story that proves no song is ever lost in the catalog. Rising singer-songwriter Watts first released his “Feels” single back in 2018, but it’s received new life thanks to Grammy-nominated singer Khalid. The two artists pair in perfection on the warming production that will, indeed, have you enjoying all of the “feels” their collaboration induces. Khalid shared that he stumbled across the original song in his personal quest to find new music and new artists, adding that he felt attracted to the track.

“I hit Watts up to tell him how much I loved ‘Feels,’ and we started talking about music and what we were currently listening to and how we were holding up in the pandemic,” Khalid said, according to Rolling Stone. “Over a few weeks, we built a really special friendship that evolved into us collaborating on this new version, which I love so much and is so special to me. I’ve always been someone who loves the art of a collaboration — it’s such an amazing way to expand your creativity and open yourself up to new sounds and ideas.”

Watts added that he was “totally shocked” to have the opportunity to work with Khalid because he’s “always admired” the singer. “I tried not to get my hopes up to much, but all of the stars aligned and here we are — releasing this new version of the song together. It’s been pretty wild and I am so proud of how it turned out.” Stream “Feels” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I stand in the corner
The walls around are falling down
And I see that you notice
But keep your words all to yourself
We all different people
But we’rе together now
And I know that we’rе equal
I’m tryna work this out


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