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Patrick Paige II Of The Internet Drops Solo Single “Whisper (Want My Luv)”

2021 Forward Up&Coming

2021 Forward Up&Coming

Patrick Paige II of The Internet has enlisted Steve Lacy, Allen Love, and Durand Bernarr for new single “Whisper (Want My Love).”

The Internet‘s Patrick Paige II has officially come through to announce his upcoming solo album If I Fail Are We Still Cool?, due out for release on May 21. And though the project is a few months away, Paige has come through to unveil the project’s lead single “Whisper (Want My Love), which arrives complete with some new visuals.

As expected given his Internet affiliation, the instrumentation is lush and dynamic — particularly where the bass and percussion are concerned. Vocally, Paige isn’t afraid to take risks, conjuring up some strange and unconventional harmonies throughout the ballad. There’s a vintage sensibility throughout, particularly drawn from the classic funk sound, realized deftly by a live band arrangement. With an assist from Steve Lacy, Allen Love, and Durand Bernarr, “Whisper” certainly bodes well for the remainder of If I Fail Are We Still Cool?, a seventeen-track effort with features from Westside McFly, Bowie, Syd, Paco, and more.

Check it out now, and sound off if you’ll be tuning in when the project drops on May 21st.


1, 2, 3, to the 4
You say something, we give and go
A, B, C to come and go
I approach, now she coming home

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