New & Hottest Songs – January 2021 – Pt.43

Joey Bada$$ Joins Lous And The Yakuza On “Amigo (Remix)”

2021 Sony Music France

2021 Sony Music France

Joey Bada$$ joins Lous and the Yakuza for a remix to “Amigo,” a percussive and lush bilingual banger.

It’s been literal years since Joey Bada$$ dropped off a new album, though his involvement in Beast Coast’s Escape From New York was a welcome holdover. And while he has been consistent in his assurances that his All Amerikkkan Bada$$ follow-up is imminent, Joey has pledged to keep active by way of a feature run — this time linking up with Congolese-Belgian artist Lous And The Yakuza for a remix to her percussive dance banger “Amigo.”

For the remix, the Badmon opts to switch up his style, getting melodic and spitting some patois game. It’s not exactly what you might expect from the New York lyricist, but it remains a testament to his versatility — not to mention a one-way ticket to the clubs, were they indeed open for business. “Don’t make me pick and choose, I don’t wanna be confused,” he sings, his voice tinged in autotune. “Badmon no play by rules, gyal you can be my muse.” A different side of Joey Bada$$, but let’s not forget that this is the man who played a pivotal role in bringing Post Malone’s “Rockstar” to life behind the scenes.

Should you be looking for something to vibe out to, look no further than the percussive and lush bilingual banger “Amigo (Remix),” featuring some smooth vocals from Joey Bada$$.


Don’t make me pick and choose, I don’t wanna be confused
Badmon no play by rules, gyal you can be my muse

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