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Earl Sweatshirt And Navy Blue Spit Bars On “Ghost”

2020 Tan Cressedia

2020 Tan Cressedia

Earl Sweatshirt and Navy Blue whip up some imagery over sample-based production on “Ghost.”

At this point, fans know what they’re getting when Earl Sweatshirt drops. What began as a twisted odyssey of edgy bars and verbal dexterity has evolved into something far more complex, with the former Odd Future emcee having perfected the formula of abstract lyricism. In fact, not unlike Aesop Rock, some of Earl’s lines require deeper analysis to fully comprehend — though that’s not to say he’s incapable of landing a direct blow when he so chooses.

Today, he came through with the Deluxe Edition of Feet Of Clay, which features a new track with Navy Blue called “Ghost.” Wasting little time in starting off, Earl somehow manages to make lethargy sound urgent, no easy feat. Navigating a busy vocal sample and triumphant orchestral strings, Sweatshirt leaves the rapping duties largely to Navy Blue, who holds it down admirably, no less abstract in his imagery. “Know four years later, know I got better, praise to my God, that armor all metal,” he raps. “Iron sword on my spirits gon’ get on her.”

Check out the track now, released for the first time in an official capacity — should you like what you hear, go support Earl with the Deluxe Edition of Feet Of Clay right here. 


Know four years later, know I got better
Praise to my God, that armor all metal
Iron sword on my spirits gon’ get on her
I know my pops guilty ’cause he left ’em
I wore his blessings, honorary cloak

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