New & Hottest Songs – March 2021 – Pt.47

Mulatto Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of A Photoshoot In “BeatBox Freestyle” Visual



She’s the latest rapper to take on SpotenGottem’s hit.

The song of the season is SpotemGottem’s “BeatBox” as it is the latest track to take social media by storm. Rappers have been borrowing the beat to add their own bars to the mix, and after hinting that she had some new heat on the way, Mulatto shares her addition to the wave. SpotemGottem is climbing the charts thanks to TikTok challenges and his fellow rappers shining a light on the single, and Mulatto threw her hat in the ring.

Along with the Georgia rapper’s “BeatBox Freestyle” comes an accompanying visual where Mulatto takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like for her on the set of a photoshoot. She dons different looks as she spits her usual boastful bars and fans may recognize a few of those wardrobe changes because the rapper has been sharing photos from the video shoot to her Instagram. Check out Mulatto’s “BeatBox Freestyle” and let us know how you think she measures up.

Quotable Lyrics

Show ’em, the end of the road, I ain’t into turnin’ boys to me
Walkthrough, there’s forty bands, red bottoms like Toya man (Yeah)
Who cut a n*gga off quicker than me? Sh*t, not even Lori can (On God)
Who she think she is? She don’t win big, so well, b*tch, I did (I did)
B*tches ain’t on sh*t but d*ck, I’m pullin’ triggеrs, not no wigs (Yeah)

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