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Future Reflects On His Dirty Deeds On “Posted With Demons”



Future’s “High Off Life” is out now.

Future initially announced the title of his next album as Life Is Good, sharing the same title as the collaboration with Drake, but this week, he changed it when he revealed that he would call it High Off Life instead. Perhaps it’s for the better since the world as a whole isn’t in the greatest place right now.

Future dives into all aspects of his life — the former trapper, his rise in the music industry, baby mama drama etc — on the project but “Posted With Demons” is a track that finds him in the haziest of places.  “I was tryin’ to tell you, “Be cool,” ’cause I ain’t never wanna see you goin’ through it/ I ain’t even have to trap no more ’cause I was doing it too fluently/ I told myself I would never rob nobody and then end up doin’ it,” he says in the intro. Through production that can only be described as opulent, Future details the life of a former trapper who’s actually made it out of the trenches to a life of bliss and wealth. He reminisces of the days of being posted on the block as a dealer along with his crew with a reminder that very few are built like he’s built. Maybe it’s a reminder for the time we’re in now.

Quotable Lyrics
You can worship the devil, bitch, just drop me these bricks
I got the preacher’s daughter
Sellin’ pussy, bitch gon’ make me rich
I might’ve fucked the lil’ thot on the strength
Or because it was late and a n***a was lit

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