New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.130

Lupe Fiasco Shows Off His Lyrical Mastery On “LF95” Featuring Virgil Abloh



Lupe + Virgil = Genius.

Lupe Fiasco teamed up with producer Kaelin Ellis to bring the world his new EP entitled HOUSEOnce again, Fiasco dives into his mixtape bag and resurfaces with that more gritty and lyrically laden Lupe. On the track “LF95,” which features Virgil Abloh, Lupe plays with words like toys. Kaelin’s deliciously dark instrumental drips with a somewhat sinister guitar riff laid behind a hopeful synth line. The temp is slow, giving Lupe the freedom to twist his flows between the drums.

Truth be told, there are very few people in the game that have the lyrical dexterity of Lupe. After he finished his mastery, Virgil hops on the track just to give listeners some light. Virgil is featured all over the album, lending his voice and influence to the overall narrative. This is definitely one that you can bump almost anywhere.

Quotable Lyrics
Don’t kick pebbles at rebels without schedules
Lyrical stickler, young riddler
From Chicago, the Midwest, that don’t get no middler
That Last Dance look at Mike, Judge Mathis look-alike
Kid ‘n Play at the House Party, just know that my foot is light
Lori, from planet self-explanatory
It’s all love, but sometimes, you gotta chastise the shorties

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