New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.161

Lil Wayne Drops  “Thug Life” With Gudda Gudda & Jay Jones

Lil Wayne via YouTube

Lil Wayne via YouTube

Lil Wayne wants his baby pictures on the $100 bill on “Thug Life” with Gudda Gudda and Jay Jones.

Out of nowhere, Lil Wayne has returned with the new video for “Thug Life” with Gudda Gudda and Jay Jones.

Filmed at his skate park, “Thug Life” features the legendary rapper in his element, going off for the quotable first verse and chorus before leaving room for his Young Money cohorts Jay Jones and Gudda Gudda to come through on their own.

The track was co-produced by Ty Dolla $ign and Dante. It switches up after the three-minute mark, with Wayne and his boys bouncing back and forth.

This has been a huge year for Tunechi so far. He has established himself as a pretty stellar radio host on Young Money Radio, which just wrapped up its first season. Of course, we can’t forget about Funeral, which feels like it dropped a while ago but, in reality, it came out this year.

Listen to the new song and watch the video below. Let us know what you think!

Quotable Lyrics:

I want my baby pictures on $100 bill
My lazy bitches teach my crazy bitches how to chill
Can’t keep my love life and drug life opposite
I just put my second rubber then I pop a pill

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