Snoop Dogg & B-Real Painted Pictures On “Vato”

2006 Geffen Records

2006 Geffen Records

In honor of Big Snoop Dogg’s legendary turn on Verzuz, be sure to revisit one of his hardest drops in “Vato.”

Last night’s Verzuz battle was monumental for anyone who grew up listening to the work of DMX and Snoop Dogg, and while both parties have been highlighted on Throwback Thursday before, it feels appropriate to spotlight the pair once again. After all, they did hip-hop a monumental service last night, bringing over half-a-million fans together to celebrate their respective catalogs. And while there are plenty of highlights to draw from, the Neptunes-produced “Vato” feels like an appropriate choice.

It’s popular, though not quite as iconic as some of his other anthems. It captures Snoop’s gangsta persona, a quality that has become easy to forget given how affable the man has become. Lastly, it finds him once again paired with The Neptunes, with whom he developed solid early-millennium chemistry; together Snoop, Pharrell, and Chad Hugo made some impeccable bangers, with “Vato” being one of the hardest thus far. At this point, you’re likely familiar with the Spanish-tinged tale of life on the streets, brought to vivid life by Snoop and B-Real, with the former taking things back to the days of “Murder Was The Case.”

If you, like many, are still riding that post-Verzuz high, be sure to revisit this one in honor of Big Snoop Dogg.


I didn’t mean to hit what I hit
Now that’s three motherfuckers dead now I ain’t seen shit
But these n***s’ll scream for plea
But for a G like me, it’s just a case really you could see
I crack the Mac back and pop off rolling
And smack ya neck back, ya drop off, falling

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