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Nas Takes It Back To Queensbridge With Charlie Wilson On “Car #85”



Nas & Charlie Wilson take a trip down memory lane on “Car #85.”

People were initially on the fence about this Nas and Hit-Boy project when it was first announced. Nas’s 2018 effort, Nasir was polarizing among fans; some loved it while others disliked it. But King’s Disease proved to be a solid pairing between one of the greatest to ever do it and a seasoned producer who’s catalog is already built of modern classics.

The pair deliver some real grown man vibes on the Charlie Wilson-assisted, “Car #85.” Nas brings it back to the days as a youth in Queensbridge with Charlie Wilson for one of his best performances on the project. Delivering vivid imagery painting of his coming-of-age story, he looks back at his days as a young dope boy observing the happenings in his neighborhood. Hit-Boy cooks up soulful production that’s enhanced by Uncle Charlie’s backing vocals throughout the track. Check out Nas & Charlie Wilson’s “Car #85” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Cab service, car eighty-five
Ten minutes, they back in the car
Not safe to drive, narcos are lookin’
No secret compartments in the ride, so keep pushin’
We get stopped, hide it between the seat cushion
Either that, or just tuck it inside your boot
Don’t throw it out the window yet, son, that’s all our loot
See? They turned, they wasn’t after us, my n***a with me laughin’

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