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The Neptunes & Deadmau5 Connect On “Pomegranate”

mau5trap records

mau5trap records

The Neptunes and Deadmau5 connect for “Pomegranate,” an infectious and futuristic new collaboration.

The Neptunes have returned. Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams have officially joined forces once again, this time linking up with fellow producer Deadmau5 to deliver a futuristic funk anthem called “Pomegranate.” With several keen musical minds steering the ship, it’s no wonder the single is masterfully produced, implementing a clean blend of synthesizers, bass, and vocal flourishes. On that note, Skateboard P holds down the vocal responsibilities, his signature falsetto floating overhead.

“You are my synonym, you’re my best friend in the world,” he sings. “All this adrenaline melting like M&M’s.” Though the song itself does feature mainstream qualities, it’s unique enough to feel distinct. Though it’s certainly been a while since The Neptunes carved out their piece of the early millennium rap game pie, they seem to be adapting to the new sounds and styles just fine. It’s no wonder Deadmau5 praised their musicianship on Zane Lowe, blown away by Chad Hugo’s keyboard skills.

Check out “Pomegranate” below, and sound off – is this the new wave you’d like to see on the radio?


You are my synonym, you’re my best friend in the world
All this adrenaline melting like M&M’s

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