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Freddie Gibbs Joins Adam Snow & Josh Alias On “42”

Via IG

Via IG

Adam Snow kicks off the campaign for his forthcoming project with Freddie Gibbs and Josh Alias.

If you haven’t got familiar with Adam Snow yet, you better start taking notes. The Washington, D.C. producer has been cooking up heat in recent times in anticipation of the release of his upcoming album, AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT. Today, he unleashed a brand new banger off of the record titled, “42” ft Josh Alias and Freddie Gibbs. Though Snow is merely on the come-up right now, this marks his second collab with Gibbs in a matter of months following the release of “9 to 5.” Gibbs holds down the first verse with references to Colin Kaepernick and Lil Boosie while reflecting on his own come-up before handing the mic over to Josh Alias to close out the record.

Check out Adam Snow’s new single, “42” ft. Freddie Gibbs and Josh Alias below.

Quotable Lyrics
Burnin’ ganja help relieve my psyche
Used to burn crosses in our yard, now they burnin’ Nikes
Came up in the 90s where n***as got murdered over Nikes
Jesus walkin’ with me if you n***as riding by me
With that SK, got the mini

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