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Problem Pays Tribute To Nipsey Hussle With “Janet Freestyle (Remix)”

Diamond Lane Music Group/Rostrum Records

Diamond Lane Music Group/Rostrum Records

Problem immortalizes Nipsey Hussle’s legacy and impact and reflects on his tragic death on “Janet Freestyle (Remix).”

Problem released a heartfelt Nipsey Hussle tribute titled “Janet Freestyle (Remix)” along with some accompanying visuals on Friday. Produced by Nipsey’s former frequent collaborators, Mike & Keys, “Janet Freestyle (Remix” sees Problem reflecting on Nipsey’s legacy as well as his tragic death last March.

“I originally recorded the song alone on my balcony to the beat from Janet Jackson’s ‘Got ‘till It’s Gone,'” Problem told Complex. “After I played Mike & Keys that version it immediately struck a nerve in them. So when the time came [to] lay down the version you hear now, it was no-brainer to have them add their magic to it. E. Dan came with the keys, then my brother Terrace Martin blessed it with saxophone and vocoder and it all just started coming together.”

Problem also called on Joshy Gonz to direct the simple yet powerful visuals, which partially take place in the same convenience store that is featured in Problem’s short film, A Compton Story. “The director Joshy Gonz found the location where we shot the video. He co-directed my new film A Compton Story, so we’ve been working together for a while and knows me and what I like visually,” Problem said. “Once I showed up I knew right away it’d be the perfect spot for this special song.”

“I just want to say with [‘Janet Freestyle (Remix)’] that I hope we start loving our people while they are here instead of a tragedy having to happen before we give out flowers,” Problem said. “It’s unfortunate that sometimes you truly don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

Quotable Lyrics

You set a tone in L.A.
Voice was filled with ambition
Since you passed, every lyric just hit a little different
Since March 31st, everything’s a little different

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