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Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y Reunite Like It’s 2009 On “Prove It”

Image via Wiz Khalifa

Image via Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s birthday mixtape “Big Pimpin” found him reuniting with his “2009” collaborator Curren$y for “Prove It.”

Deep into his career, Wiz Khalifa appears to have found harmony. It’s a quality reflected in the carefree and easygoing nature of his recent music, including his latest mixtape Big PimpinReleased on his thirty-third birthday and named after Jay-Z’s classic collaboration with UGK, the tape served as a welcome supply for loyal fans eager to catch a vibe. And while it’s not exactly breaking new ground, Wiz’s stoner charm continues to translate effectively, especially when he’s backed by the ever-reliable talents of his longtime smoking partner Curren$y.

Though it hasn’t been that long since they reconnected to drop off 2009, that time can feel much longer in a kush-soaked haze. Especially when we’re looking at something with the potency of Khalifa Kush. Perhaps that’s why Spitta and Wiz’s reunions always feel like two friends reconnecting after a long absence, their well-established chemistry quickly kicking back into gear. On “Prove It,” the backdrop is a far more melodic and vibe-driven one, an apparent soundtrack for the nightcap joint. Fans of the pair’s handiwork should definitely check this one out — and remember, there’s much more where that came from.


Got a 63, got a 64 and I got a 65
Got a 62 and I’m lookin’ for a 61 right now
Top down on a 68 with like an ounce on me
Chevrolets bounce on streets, down n***s recognize OG

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