New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.110

Jaden Returns With New Single “Cabin Fever”

2020 MSFTS

2020 MSFTS

Jaden’s melodic ear shines on his new single “Cabin Fever,” a lush and psychedelic hip-pop offering destined for radio play.

On the same day J. Cole set the game ablaze with two new singles, Jaden came through with a track of his own to round things out. Enter “Cabin Fever,” a psychedelic groove dripping in indie rock flavor. It’s clearly no coincidence that the young artist recently began plying his trade on the guitar, as the six-string goes a long way in setting a subtle tone here — reverberated and sparse, the blending guitar work leads to some lush harmonies. It’s all too easy to picture this song truly shining if performed by a full band, a hip-pop radio-bred song cut from the cloth of Post Malone‘s “Circles.”

” I’m just trying to make the kids happy right now, man,” Jaden explained to Zane Lowe, promising that his new project Cool Tape Volume 3 is on the way. “That’s it. I’m just trying to give them a little something-something. You know I care so much, you know?” For those who don’t enjoy this style of music, it’s likely “Cabin Fever” will do little for you. But for those willing to open their mind a little, there is plenty to enjoy here — and perhaps even a case to be made for Jaden to head further down this musical direction.


I wanna feel your body on me
Tall palm trees and kaleidoscope dreams
I’m at home thinking bout you and me

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