New & Hottest Songs – June 2021 – Pt.30

French Montana Sets Summer Off Right With “FWMGAB”

French Montana

French Montana

Diddy previously called the track the “song of the summer.”

Since cleaning up his lifestyle and adopting a healthier way of living, French Montana hasn’t slowed down. The rapper has recently been spotted on the set of National Champions, a film where he portrays himself, and there have even been rumors that he’s been in the studio with his “No Stylist” collaborator Drake. For his latest single “FWMGAB (F*ck With Me Get a Bag),” Montana has taken to the streets of New York & shared previews of the track’s music video that include bringing a stripper pole to the block.

“THIS IS HOW I BEEN TESTING OUT HIT RECORDS,” the rapper wrote in the caption to one of his videos. Even before the song was released, French Montana was receiving praise from Diddy. “We make hits. We been making hits all yall lives,” said Diddy in an Instagram video. “Your whole lives, ever since yall been born. Even before you were thought of, we been making hits. And we not gone stop this summer, alright?” He then called “FWMGAB” the “song of the summer.

We’ll let you decide if you agree, so stream “FWMGAB” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Diamonds disco-flashin’, drip toe-tagin’
Me co-dragin’, block boy trappin’
Hot boy in action, don’t need caption
Rocks they ain’t dashin’, neck breakdancin’
Blue mist hookah, snipe game super
She don’t buss it open, call back the Uber

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