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Jason Derulo Starts New TikTok Challenge With “Take You Dancing”

Atlantic Records

Atlantic Records

Jason Derulo continues making incredible use of TikTok, starting a dance challenge with his new single “Take You Dancing.”

Jason Derulo has become one of the most-followed people on TikTok, reportedly racking up to $75,000 per video he posts on the platform. He recently jumped on one of the hottest songs on the social media outlet, Jawsh 685’s “Savage Love,” and it looks like his resurgence continues with another new record tailormade for the app.

Beginning a new dance challenge that has the potential to catch fire, Jason Derulo has officially released his new single and music video for “Take You Dancing.” The track has all the makings of something that can pop off on TikTok, allowing Derulo to continue his rise on the platform.

Utilizing the app to perfection, we look forward to watching what else he can come up with as his popularity surges further.

What do you think of the new record?

Quotable Lyrics:

Let me take you dancin’
Two-step to the bedroom
We don’t need no dance flow
Let me see your best move
Anythin’ could happen
Ever since I met you
No need to imagine
Baby all I’m asking
Is let me take you dancing

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