Gemini season begins on May 21 and runs until June 21. It’s also an important season for Hip Hop culture, as some of the biggest names in the genre have birthdays within this time. Several Gemini rappers have received critical praise and have become large influences worldwide. Additionally, their influence on Hip Hop is indelible.

Furthermore, many attributes closely linked with the Gemini sign are evident in these famous rappers. Gemini rappers are often witty and clever and usually have their own distinct styles. Another primary trait that Gemini rappers may have is their impulsiveness. Some of the most famous have been known to be embroiled in one beef or the other.

Notwithstanding, they remain some of the most talented artists to grace the Hip Hop scene. Whether living or dead, these Gemini rappers have made their mark in history and will always be the best ever. Besides this list, many more Gemini rappers have enjoyed great success and fame over the years. They include Krayzie BoneJadakiss, Remy Ma, Waka Flocka Flame, Fetty Wap, Don Toliver, Trippie Redd, Takeoff, and of course, Sage the Gemini.

The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. is of the most prolific Gemini rappers of all time. He was born on May 21 in 1972. B.I.G.’s powerful lyricism shaped an entire wave of rappers who came after him. The Brooklyn native has ranked atop several lists citing the best rappers ever. He is also one of a handful of Hip Hop artists to have a Diamond-certified album. His involvement in the East Coast-West Coast Hip Hop rivalry eventually led to his death at 24 years old. Nearly three decades later, B.I.G. is still influencing many up-and-coming rappers.

Lauryn Hill

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Lauryn Hill has been popularly referred to as the Queen of Hip Hop. She is one of the most influential rappers ever and has influenced generations of rappers. Lauryn Hill has achieved great success as both the frontwoman of The Fugees and a solo artist. Also, her solo debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, is one of the best-selling albums of all time. Additionally, Lauryn Hill would later become the first hip hop artist to win the Album of the Year award at the Grammys. The Gemini rapper was born on May 26 in 1975.

André 3000

André 3000 is another Gemini rapper revered for his slick bars and artistry. He rose to fame as one-half of the popular hip hop duo Outkast. Between his work with the duo and his solo career, André has attained substantial success as a musician. Beyond the music, the Grammy winner has also ventured into acting and launched a clothing line. André 3000 was born on May 27, 1975.

Kanye West

Controversies aside, Kanye West is easily one of the most successful and acclaimed rappers and producers in history. His venture into fashion design also proved to be a money-making hit! What’s more, Kanye West’s artistry is one of the most versatile, and he has released records spanning multiple genres. The decorated musician is a highly influential figure this century with various awards to his name. His brash comments across the media have garnered significant backlash and criticism in recent years. However, Kanye’s talents are undeniable. He was born on June 8 in 1977.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube is one of the most successful rappers turned actors in the history of Hip Hop. He is credited as being a considerable influence on the mainstream appeal of gangsta rap. The Los Angeles native rose to fame as a member of the iconic Hip Hop group N.W.A. Ice Cube’s solo rap career was also a triumphant endeavor. His comedy film, Friday, which he also co-wrote, shifted the public’s perception of the hood and has become a significant cult classic. One of the most famous Gemini rappers, Ice Cube was born on June 15, 1969.


Tupac Shakur’s legacy continues to live on years after his death. The Hip Hop Hall of Famer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is often regarded among the greatest rappers ever. Several social issues fueled Tupac’s music. He often touched on gun control, poverty, classism, and many other challenges that affected him growing up. Lastly, Tupac’s political activism has also cemented his legacy as a champion of change. He was born on June 16, 1971.

Tupac was aware of his sign and even spoke about it. He was quoted as highlighting the different sides of his persona. “All of us as human beings have a dominant and a quiet side. I happen to be a Gemini, and I am young, and I’m Black, and I’m from the hood, so it’s just, you got all these different facets,” he said.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is one of Hip Hop’s most famous figures today. His name has consistently appeared on numerous lists citing the best rappers. Lamar has become widely known for his impeccable writing skills and sleek rap delivery. The Gemini rapper’s music touches on social issues and challenges he witnessed growing up in Compton. Importantly, Kendrick’s mass appeal has led to the artist influencing a new generation of rappers. He has also been praised for his infusion of several genres, particularly jazz, into his rap. He was born on June 17 in 1987.

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