Shaq Defends Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance Against Critics: “Shut It Up”

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As the Super Bowl celebrations continue for the Kansas City Chiefs, Rihanna’s halftime performance is still being discussed. The singer floated through several fan-favorite classics during her 14-minute show, but it wasn’t her music that stole attention. Ri used her huge NFL opportunity to reveal her second pregnancy, although she didn’t detail how far along she is just yet. The performance was praised by the singer’s fans, and highlights have flooded social media. However, not everyone was impressed, and Shaq didn’t want to hear another peep from critics.

“I want to say this,” Shaq began during a recent interview. “All you people disrespecting my Rihanna, shut your face. Shut it up. Like, we livin’ in a world where people got too much freedom. Keep you **** to yourself. She did a wonderful job, she’s pregnant, she blessed it, she did her thang. She didn’t fall. Just leave it there.”

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He continued: “All you superstars that’s disrespectful and causing beef, shut your face. Shut it up.” Shaq added that if Ri was his lady and he heard about celebrities shading the singer, he would check them. The NBA icon said, “Rappers, presidential candidates, I would have to get at you. Leave this woman alone. Rihanna is Rihanna. I was there, it was beautiful. She did a great job. I didn’t know she was pregnant until she bust out, but leave her alone.”

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Shaq’s comments circulated on the heels of WWE icon Bill Goldberg expressing his disappointment with Rihanna’s performance. “I thought Rihanna was frickin’ horrible,” he said during the CarCast podcast this week. “I was disgusted by it. That’s all. Let’s just say that. I thought it was horrible.” It seems Goldberg had an issue with Rihanna’s genital wiping gesture during the show.

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Regardless of critics, the halftime display’s viewership outnumbered that of the Super Bowl itself. It marked Rihanna’s return to the stage following a seven-year absence, and it opened up possibilities for an album release and potential tour. Check out Shaq defending Rihanna above.


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