Mike Jones has laughed off some recent comments made by 1017 rapper BiC Fizzle who called the Houston rapper an “old broke bitch” after allegedly refusing to clear a sample for him.

Earlier this month, an acquaintance of BiC Fizzle took to Instagram Live with the 1017 signee to explain how the rapper’s camp had asked Jones to clear a sample from his breakout hit “Still Tippin’.”

Fizzle wanted the sample cleared for his new song “44s” which he dropped last May. However, the Swisherhouse veteran allegedly refused to clear it, shelving the song for the foreseeable future.

“Mike Jones you a ho for making my n-gga’s shit get deleted n-gga with your broke ass,” Fizzle’s friend said on the IG Live, with the rapper echoing his sentiments.

“The real kickback drop 4’s old broke bitch,” Bic Fizzle could be heard saying in the video.

Mike Jones has now responded to the Arkansas rapper’s comments, telling The Source he was prepared to clear the sample but “they didn’t finish the business.”

“You gotta learn the business,” Jones explained. “Once you become an owner of something and people will want to sample your stuff, it’s a proper procedure of business that has to go down. Once that business goes down, you get the access gate to keep going.

“If everything starts off good but the business stops at the end, you’re not going to be able to access through. Even if you still put it out already without finishing the proper inside details, it’ll still be abruptly taken down — which it was.

The Houston rapper said he could provide proof that discussions with BiC Fizzle over the sample had been going on for a year. “It didn’t just happen yesterday or last week, we’ve been waiting,” he said. “People put it out anyways, then all of a sudden it gets taken down and people get upset. That’s what happened.”

Going on to explain that he and his team liked “44s” and were down to clear the sample, Mike Jones said Fizzle’s team didn’t finish the business. “Everybody ran off the deep end without finalizing everything,” he said.

“I’m not finna buy no pity cry from somebody if you’re not finishing the business,” Jones continued. “Y’all know what you said you was gon’ do, but you didn’t do it. How you gonna hold me in contempt, behind something you were already supposed to finish? Respectfully.”


Asked about how he felt after Fizzle called him an “old broke bitch,” Jones said he laughed about it because it’s not true.

“I’m an artist who gets publishing and royalties on a quarterly basis,” Jones said. “That is not who he’s talking about when he said my name. He’s speaking out of not knowing the game, and a lack of knowledge. You gotta understand the business, I’m trying to put y’all on game.”

BiC Fizzle had originally dropped the music video to “44s” to celebrate his high school graduation. In the video, Fizzle and Cootie, who’s featured on the track, relax alongside some low riders while they trade bars.

At just 19 years old, the Arkansas rapper was the youngest signee to ever ink a deal with Gucci Mane, joining the 1017 ranks alongside BigDogWalk and Hot Boy Wes.