There have been plenty of rumors floating about what goes down in the studio, and Yung Joc is giving some insight. The Rap icon sat down for another extensive interview with VladTV, and during the chat, Ashanti’s recent story about a run-in with a producer was a topic of conversation. Last month, the singer went viral following comments she made about a predatory producer.

While on The Breakfast Club, Ashanti shared her tale. “We did two records together. He was like, ‘Okay, I’m not gonna charge you, you know you my homie,’” she said. “When it came time to put it on the album, he was like, ‘Well, let’s take a shower together.’”

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Ashanti didn’t name names and noted that after a few people contacted the producer on her behalf, he made things right. Joc wanted to know if she was referring to Irv Gotti. After it was confirmed that he wasn’t the man in question, the rapper suggested all anyone needed to do was look at Ashanti’s catalog to match the year with her releases.

DJ Akademiks was also mentioned because he publicly criticized Ashanti for allegedly not helping other women by sharing the producer’s name.

“Everybody’s not messy,” said Joc of Akademiks’s call out.

“When people are disgruntled or no longer in your circle, that’s what they do. They expose your hand, or they’ll put stuff out there on you. They’ll weaponize whatever they know, secrets against you,” he continued.

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Elsewhere, Joc said it’s “very common” for people to have sex “for beats.”

“A lotta women be like…men too! Let’s be for real,” the rapper added. “Men, too!… Oh, so, you think just ’cause they men? You gon’ play that naive? It’s male producers out here that will do something, probably, I’m sure.”

This one should open up a can of worms. Check out what else Yung Joc had to say about the subject above.