It’s the explanation that Hip Hop has been waiting for these last few days. DJ Akademiks regularly finds himself in hot water, but he certainly kicked things up a notch in recent weeks. This time, the blogger rubbed a few people the wrong way after he spoke about Reginae Carter on Twitch and angered Hip Hop veterans by calling them “dusty.”

In his rant against some of our favorite pioneers, Akademiks showed there was no love lost. The remarks caused a firestorm of reactions from entertainers, specifically rappers, DJs, and those who either experienced or respected the inception of Hip Hop.

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After being social media’s punching bag, Akademiks joined The Breakfast Club for a wide-ranging interview where he admitted that the delivery of his message was a bit over the top. LL Cool J was the first prominent figure to come forward with a tongue-lashing for Akademiks, and the latter now says he’s open to a dialogue with LL if he agrees to a meeting of the minds.

“I’m down to talk to LL,” said Ak. “T.I. reached out, too. We’re going to have an official talk. But it’s his birthday, so he didn’t want to do too much today.”

It’s unclear if T.I. reached out about this topic because he definitely called on Akademiks after the blogger had some things to say about Reginae’s dating history. Akademiks alleged that she dropped YFN Lucci once his RICO case hit, much like other “b*tches” have done.

Check out DJ Akademiks with The Breakfast Club below.