Anthony Fantano’s finally trolled Drake into responding. Though he’s certainly not had favorable opinions of Drake’s latest releases, including Honestly, Nevermind, Fantano posted a video on YouTube where he alleged that Drake DM’d him and shared a supposed screenshot of it. While you might expect Drake to get at Fantano for frequently criticizing his music, the Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd claimed that the Canadian rapper sent him a recipe for vegan cookies.

The Internet reacted to the video as if it were real, though Drake quickly shut that down. The rapper hit Instagram with a screenshot of the actual messages he sent to Fantano, which appears to be proof that he does watch TheNeedleDrop reviews.



“Your existence is a light 1. And the 1 is cause you are alive. And cause you somehow wifed a black girl. I’m feeling a light to decent 1 on your existence,” the rapper wrote to Fantano. The critic didn’t respond to the Drake but left him on read by the time the screenshot was shared to his 119M followers.

As Drake got cozy in his $400K bed, Fantano was seemingly ecstatic to have Drake expose his own DMs. “That bitch shared the salty ass DM to over 100 million people,” he wrote with an image of a W. “I made that man leak his own DMs,” he added, followed by a gif of Pusha T.



Fantano continued to claim that his “Rating system lives rent-free” in Drake‘s head before combatting with fans about who actually won the dispute. Afterward, he shared a screenshot of “Back To Back.”



He ended the evening on a positive note, writing, “I’m just being silly. I’ll be the first to say Drake‘s got bangers.”