Nicki Minaj Rants About The Truth Coming Out

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Nicki had a lot to say on Twitter and fans want to know exactly who she’s talking about.

On Friday, September 9, Nicki Minaj dropped the remix to “Super Freaky Girl.” The four-minute record featured verses from female rappers Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V, Maliibu Miitch, JT, and BIA. The song instantly gained traction and climbed the charts, forcing Nicki to provide Twitter with some commentary.

The 39-year-old took to the app and shared a popular GIF of NeNe Leakes running down the street. She added a lengthy caption that read, “Me [Katie Got Bandz, BIA, JT, Maliibu Miitch, and Akbar V] running sh*t on the #queenMix while btchs talk sh*t in the group chats & ask they fave bloggers to say mean things about us while pretending not to see these h*es talking slick & bullying the bad guy.”

She used the same GIF to give herself her flowers, writing, “Me running sh*t 15 years later after corporate giants & machines used lab rats to bring me down.” The mother of one also stated that she was able to bounce back after having her child because she didn’t have to wait on ghostwriters like other artists.

The Trinidadian-born entertainer then seemingly threw shots at someone without saying any names. “The most dangerous decision in life you can ever make is choosing the wrong side… he evil stepsisters were loving life…until they weren’t,” she wrote. While she didn’t directly say it, many users believed she was talking about Cardi B, given the two’s history.

Nicki’s rant continued as she claimed that “the truth” would come out and that God would reveal it in a funny way. Check out her tweets below. What do you think she is talking about?

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