J.I.D Couldn’t Listen To Lil Wayne Collab On “The Forever Story” Until The World Heard It First

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The Dreamville rapper also talked about working with Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) on the record, saying, “He’s just been a big inspiration for forever.”

His recently released record The Forever Story has received applause from generations of Hip Hop fans and J.I.D is sitting down with Ebro Darden to discuss everything about the album. The Dreamville standout’s project was a stellar collection of tracks that gave voice to his upbringing, with J.I.D even including his father’s vocals on a song.

“I ain’t always want to be a rapper or artist or nothing like this. This wasn’t my dream. It was my first love, but you don’t always marry first love,” the rapper told Ebro for Apple Music 1. “I don’t know. I just love it, and I love all the subgenres of Hip Hop, all the new stuff. I love the NY Drill scene right now. I love them sampling these big-ass pop songs. Love that ****, and then I just be trying to represent my city. Georgia, Atlanta. I just try and put that on the map and make sure I pull somebody up along with it because that’s how Atlanta is doing well, because we help everybody. We help each other.”

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Of his collaboration with Lil Wayne on “Just In Time,” J.I.D was stunned that it even materialized.

“Insane. I can’t even listen to it. I’m waiting for the album to drop. I don’t want to. I’ve heard it. I made it good to go through mix and mastering with it…But I don’t want to hear it until the people hear it. Just because it’s a big moment for me. It’s an out of body thing. I don’t even want to touch it just yet. I want to celebrate it with everybody else.”

He had similar praise for Yasiin Bey, or Mos Def.

“He’s just been a big inspiration for forever. One of my favorite artists of all time and he stands for something so I always took heed to that. Just him even saying he wanted to do it, him respecting the art and just showing love to the future generation, that’s what I got to do. This is where I want to be, in that light and I just respect it. That (censored) crazy to me too, bro. Him even being on the album.”

Check it out below.

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