The Game Names Amy Winehouse As Dream Collaboration

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Winehouse sadly passed away suddenly in 2011 at 27, but Game is hoping to one day get a sample.

With 30 tracks listed on his record, there is much to be said about The Game‘s Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind. The rollout for this album was a long and controversial run as Game gave unfiltered interviews, often speaking about the tension he has with other artists or pop culture figures. They’ve made for talking points on podcasts and heated debates among fans on social media, but now that Drillmatic has arrived, the project is at center stage.

To continue promoting his record, the Los Angeles icon teamed up with Drillmatic‘s executive producer Hit-Boy for a sit-down with Billboard. During the chat, Game gave a surprising answer to who his dream collaboration is.

He’s worked with some of the greatest in the industry, so the question was seemingly poised as who he would want to work with that he has yet to.

“Mine easy. Mine’s always gonna be Amy Winehouse,” said Game as the others agreed. “She’s hard as f*ck. Her voice, man… Her voice and my voice over some jazz music would be on some other sh*t.” He added, “We probably gotta sample some Amy or something and put it over some trombones or something and go crazy!”

Winehouse was tragically found dead in her home in July 2011 and later, her cause of death was ruled accidental alcohol poisoning. The singer’s posthumous talents don’t appear in songs or albums the way other artists have been memorialized, so it will be interesting to see if The Game can pull this one off.

Check out the clip of The Game and Hit-Boy with Billboard below, and see who Hit-Boy chooses as his dream collaboration.

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