Orlando Brown Says Soulja Boy Is Whitney Houston, Has “No Problem” With Him

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The former Disney star last commented on Bow Wow and Nick Cannon, and his wild claims have yet to slow down.

Orlando Brown’s last mention through tabloids and news cycles were about his… interesting comments about Bow Wow and the claim that he had a “bomb a** p***y.” Combined with his comments about Nick Cannon and a host of other celebrities, many fans and social media spectators have been concerned about the former Disney Channel star’s mental health, while others still defend him as being funny or in on the joke. Whatever the case, there’s a new Orlando Brown clip floating around, and this time the 34-year-old rapper said in an interview with Cam Capone that Whitney Houston is inside Soulja Boy‘s body.

This claim has received a concerned, yet amused reaction from fans, similar to Brown’s previous interview clips that have caused headlines across the media landscape. Not only are his comments themselves being scrutinized online, but the actor’s physical demeanor and reactions as well. Capone asked Brown about his diss towards Soulja Boy, to which he responded: “Soulja Boy is Whitney Houston, I ain’t got a problem with that n***a,” wiping his face with a towel.



Brown then asked for clarification from the interviewer and questioned who Capone is talking about having no problems with in the first place. Capone responds, “Soulja Boy,” and Orlando Brown says “Nah, I ain’t got a problem with Whitney Houston.” Another question came up: why did Orlando Brown make the diss about Soulja Boy? “Soulja Boy or Whitney Houston?”, Brown asked again, and when he hears “Soulja Boy” as the answer, he said: “I ain’t make no diss to Whitney Houston.”

Throughout the exchange, the That’s So Raven star had a blank expression on his face, looking at the interviewer with a mix of confusion and zoned-out-ness. A few seconds of silence went by, and Capone then asked “I’m pretty sure I seen it on the Internet, but okay. Maybe it was labeled wrong,” to which Brown had another bizarre response.

“I don’t know, maybe Whitney shouldn’t have been in Soulja Boy‘s body, because I’m trying to figure out what you talking about.” Their passage on Soulja and Whitney ended on a lighter note from Capone, as he asked Brown if he saw the news about Soulja Boy being pepper-sprayed by Charleston White, to which Brown laughed excitedly.

It was an odd exchange to be sure, and while social media isn’t exactly agreeing on how we should react, any interview with Orlando Brown is sure to make waves these days. You can check out the full clip from the interview below, and more clips from this interview on Cam Capone News’ YouTube channel.

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