50 Cent Explains Why He Won’t Do A G-Unit Reunion Project

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The Rap mogul suggested that he’s tired of carrying their weight. “My back hurt,” he joked.

They once ruled the charts and were a collective that artists were vying to join, but it doesn’t look as if G-Unit will be reuniting anytime soon.50 Cent‘s crew of rappers like Lloyd BanksTony YayoThe GameYoung Buck, and more were dominating forces over a decade ago, but like many collectives of their kind, artists eventually went their separate ways. Fif has maintained a relationship with Tony Yayo but there has been some tension with the others as the Rap mogul has repeatedly stated that he was tired of carrying their weight.

During his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club50 Cent was asked if he would ever do a project or documentary with G-Unit. “I probably won’t do a project with them,” said Fif. “I’m done with carrying them around. My back hurt.”

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Charlamagne Tha God noted that he saw that Yayo was on tour with Fif. When it comes to Tony Yayo50 Cent doesn’t hold the same gripes as he does with his other former artists.

“[Yayo] is a different animal. If it doesn’t—you know what? Charlamagne, if he does something wrong, I don’t care what magnitude of it is, he’ll go, ‘My bad.’ And he’ll go, ‘Aight.’ And we just keep going ’til the next time he does something wrong,” said 50. “That’s the relationship! That is our relationship. Now, when you look at Banks, all these other guys, they came in by way of him and they have a different temperament. It’s not like, it’s not the same relationship.”

“So, I don’t necessarily go back to carrying him. Yay is different.” Don’t hold your breath for a reunion tour. Check out 50 Cent on The Breakfast Club below.

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