Cardi B Responds After She’s Roped Into Nicki Minaj’s Fake Ex-Assistant Controversy

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Cardi B says she didn’t believe the allegations made by a fake Instagram page claiming to be Nicki Minaj’s ex-assistant.

Nicki Minaj found herself in the middle of controversy this week after a fake page claiming to be her ex-assistant made some heinous accusations against the rapper. The fake page that used the identity of Kate Miller alleged Nicki owed millions to the IRS and fell out with some of her biggest collaborators like Beyoncé, Normani, and Ariana Grande. Nicki later denied any of this was true.

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Unfortunately, Cardi B also got roped into the controversy after the fake account claimed there was still tension between her and Nicki.

As reported by YouTuber Armon Wiggins, Cardi B did not buy into the claims made by the fake account, which somehow prompted outrage. However, Cardi later cleared the air and confirmed the comments she made to Wiggins.

“Another thing that I’m seeing is people saying, ‘Oh, you be discussing this, this, and that with Armon.’ No, a lot of blogs hit me up asking me about that bullshit that was going on two days ago. And I told everybody, ‘No, that is not true,'” she said, denying rumors about Mike Will Made-It speaking on Nicki’s child.

I think it’s false. I think it’s a troll. And that’s what I told Armon and that’s what I told everybody else,” she continued. “I’m not discussing anybody. I’m telling people, ‘No, the shit s a lie.’ Because guess what? If I don’t respond when people ask me, they’re gonna assume that it’s real. And then they’re gonna run with it. I don’t lie on people. I’m not gonna let a narrative go that is not true. What’s wrong with that?”

Check out Cardi’s comments below.

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