Cardi B Vents About Not Getting Enough Credit In Twitter Tirade

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Cardi B has had enough of being undervalued.

It seems Cardi has been frustrated recently. At the Met Gala, the rapper claimed that she is tired of being famous. She then had a verbal altercation with a DJ who was shouting gang-related things on mic.

Now, Cardi’s announced a new thorn in her side: not getting enough credit. The rapper recorded her voice on Twitter for a rant that lasted over two minutes. She began by defending her fans.

Cardi B, winner of the Favorite Hip-Hop Song award, poses in the Press Room

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

“Why do people get so upset when my fans point out things that I have influenced?” She asked in a quiet tone. “My fans aren’t saying that people are copying me or anything. People are just saying that, like, you can see the influence. Why does that bother you guys so much?”

She then turned to the injustices she is put through in the public square.

“I feel like people just be trying to discredit me so bad that they just try to erase everything I do,” she continued. “And it’s like, no matter how much you erase it, it’s there.”

Cardi cited not just her musical influence, but also her influence on fashion, music video choices, and her music rollouts.

“I have seen my influence on music videos that a lot of people have done that I did,” she said. “And I know it because sometimes I’ll go overseas and get a director that nobody used before, and I see people use my director and do things that is similar to ‘Press,’ for example.”

She noted what she perceives to be a double standard: “Let Cardi do something similar to anybody, I could wear a similar shoe to people, and people want to say I’m copying, I’m copying, I’m copying.”

Cardi wrapped up the monologue by hinting at big things to come.

“Y’all gonna be seeing elevations from my new era. Y’all gonna see the trends. And I’ll be calling it out,” she warned. “I be so humble that I don’t call things out… I’m gonna be calling it out.”

Listen to the entire recording below.


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