Megan Thee Stallion Explains “Plan B” Single Is Just Her “Venting” About Past Relationships

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The Houston Hottie answered a few fan questions about her latest single and revealed that it will appear on her next album.

After “Plan B” was introduced last weekend during Megan Thee Stallion‘s Coachella set, her fans demanded that she release the single immediately. Today (April 22), the world received the anticipated record and those Hotties have been running up the tracks numbers, helping it reach the top of streaming charts. The raw and unfiltered single pairs well with Megan’s catalog as the Texas rapper ushers in pearl-clutching hits that some find offensive, but for those looking to add to their Hot Girl Summer playlists, “Plan B” is a perfect fit.

When the song was first teased, the public speculated that “Plan B” was targeted at Tory Lanez. The ongoing legal drama between the two artists has been a hot topic in pop culture for nearly two years and people believed that Megan was throwing fuel on the fire with her latest release.

However, Megan doesn’t hint at her shooting incident involving Lanez nor she does reference him directly, so the speculation has remained just that. Following the release of “Plan B,” Megan answered a few questions from fans about the song and shared the inspiration behind the single.

“I was just venting Abt experiences I’ve had in relationships I’ve been in the past,” she said. Megan added that she initially wanted to wait to release the song but because the response from her Coachella performance was so heavy, she decided to drop it now. “It’s aggressive it’s nostalgic it’s raw… i can’t say it’s based in one sound but it’s definitely HARD.”

Thee Stallion also revealed that “Plan B” will definitely be included on her next album. Check out a few highlights from her Q&A Twitter session below.

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