Cordae Recalls “Hilarious” Story From Collaborating With Stevie Wonder

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Cordae shared a “hilarious” story from working with Stevie Wonder on “Champagne Glasses.”

Cordae revealed a “hilarious Stevie Wonder story” during his latest appearance on The Breakfast Club, Thursday. The From a Birds Eye View rapper says that he received a very unexpected FaceTime from Wonder while the two were collaborating on Cordae’s song “Champagne Glasses”

Cordae explained that when Wonder gave him his phone number, he saved it as “Stevland Morris” in his contacts. Cut to some time later and Cordae was woken up in the middle of the night by a FaceTime call from Stevland Morris.

Cordae, Stevie Wonder
Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

“I’m like, ‘Who the fuck is this?’” the 24-year-old recalled thinking. “Then he called back again, I’m like, ‘Stevland Morris…oh! That’s Stevie.’ … It’s midnight, and he called me. I’m laying down in bed, I got my tank top on…and he was like, ‘What you doin?’ And it’s midnight, and I knew he was going to tell me to pull up to the studio, but I didn’t wanna tell him I’m laying in bed.”

Instead of admitting he was in his bed, he lied to the legendary singer: “So I’m like, ‘Not much man, I’m chilling in the studio.’ But I’m looking at this man, dead in his face, talking ’bout some…I’m laying down like, ‘Yeah, I’m in the studio.’”

Cordae added that Wonder was so astute, he didn’t believe he was blind initially: “I didn’t believe he was blind, and then I almost tripped him up and I was like, ‘Oh he’s blind for real.’”

Check out Cordae’s appearance on The Breakfast Club below.


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