Tyler, The Creator Shares His 5 Favorite Jay-Z Songs Of All Time

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Tyler, The Creator reveals his favorite Jay-Z songs of all time.

Jay-Z turned 52 years old this past weekend, which, at this point, should be considered a national holiday. People began flooding the timeline with birthday wishes and praise for Hov’ while others reflected on Jay’s incredible catalog. One of those people happens to be Tyler, The Creator.

Carl Chery hit Twitter on Saturday where he made a call to fans to list off their top five Jay-Z songs of all time “without overthinking it.” Chery listed “D’Evils” at #1 before sharing the other four in no particular order. “Dead Presidents,” “Where I’m From,” “A Million And One Questions (Premiere Remix),” and “U Don’t Know” rounded out the top 5 for Chery.

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Later on, he caught up with Tyler, The Creator who similarly shared his list of favorite Jay tracks, though it was difficult to narrow down. “My top five Jay-Z songs… ‘Fuck All Night,’ ‘Excuse Me Miss,’ his Funk Flex, like, ‘Grammy Family’ freestyle, if that counts. ‘Allure’ and — Oh, his verse on ‘You gotta lot of shit that’s cool to me… ‘‘Do It Again’” off Vol. 3! That verse crazy, insane. Oh and ‘Show You How,’ that last verse showed a lot of perspective to me as a kid, so that’s six so I’m done.”

There are too many good Hov songs in the world that it’s hard to narrow it down to five. When asked about removing the “Grammy Family” freestyle, Tyler said it’s impossible. “That shit is crazy,” he said.

Check out the video below.

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