Denzel Curry Admires Megan Thee Stallion & Noname’s “Black Female Energy”

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While breaking down the lyrics to his song “The Game,” Curry explained his bar that includes both ladies’ names.

There are some circles that believe fans need to pick sides or styles when it comes to the artists they enjoy. In the realm of women in Rap, there are some who degrade artists for showing too much skin or accuse them of not adhering to what they believe is Hip Hop, while others are respected amid praises for their pen game. Denzel Curry believes that both ideals can coexist and he explained why in a recent sit-down with XXL.

The Florida rapper caught up with the publication and broke down the lyrics to his single, “The Game.” On the track, Curry raps: “You don’t need to brag or dress up when all your sh*t flame / Sabotaging other Black men, bruh, all that sh*t lame / I got love for Megan, but also got love for Noname / And I won’t stop speaking to y’all until I change.”

Denzel Curry
Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer / Getty Images

Curry was asked about the line mentioning his Rap peers Megan Thee Stallion and Noname, two women who approach their careers differently.

“When it came down to the bar itself, it was showing that I have respect for all women of Hip Hop,” said Curry. “Noname, I know her personally and she can rap. I f*ck with everything that Noname is saying, when it comes down to her book club, and what we gotta do as a Black community. She really cares about her community, so, of course, I’ma f*ck with her.”

“I’ma f*ck with Megan ’cause she’s a bad b*tch. And she could rap! They are really strong personalities, very conflicting, but they state the same message. They’re showing empowerment, not just the female power but Black female power. Black female energy.” Listen to “The Game” below.


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