An Evening With Silk Sonic – Album Review

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Silk Sonic Croons Their Way Into Your Heart On “An Evening With Silk Sonic”


Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars call on Thundercat and Bootsy Collins to help round out the record.

A ‘70s with a modern take on R&B. When they first formally announced their collaboration with “Leave the Door Open,” fans couldn’t get enough of the single. This Weekend , they have returned with An Evening with Silk Sonic.

Paak and Mars caught up with Rolling Stone months ago to explain why they wanted to make “feel good” music.

“We had a record that was, I guess the word is ‘heavier’ content, as far as subject matter,” said Bruno Mars. “Me and him were harmonizing and singing the sh*t out of it, but I remember having a conversation, saying, ‘Man, I don’t know if we want to take this turn on this album.’ We’re producing a feeling, and an emotion, so let’s sleep on this. After the session, Andy went to his house, and I’m playing the record, and I go to this song and I say, ‘I gotta stop by Andy’s.’ I drive over there and tell him, ‘Come outside.’”

Stream An Evening with Silk Sonic and let me know which track is your favorite.


1. Silk Sonic Intro
2. Leave the Door Open
3. Fly As Me
4. After Last Night with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins
5. Smokin Out The Window
6. Put On A Smile
7. 777
8. Skate
9. Blast Off


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