Earlier this year, Ye continuously made headlines with the incredibly controversial release of DONDA. Rumours of different artists being featured on the project flew around for weeks, but when the album finally dropped, some rappers were sad to see that their verses had been left off, including Soulja Boy.

“Kanye sent me that song “remote control” and I don’t hear my verse on it… hmm fuck that n***a,” the “Pretty Boy Swag” hitmaker tweeted out after listening to DONDA back in August. Since then, Soulja has said that he’s still open to working with Ye in the future, and during a recent sit down with DJ Akademiks, he dove further into the situation.

When the Off the Record host suggested that Soulja Boy should apologize to the “Jesus Walks” singer, he responded, “I ain’t apologizing for shit. I don’t really know how to feel.”

The 31-year-old then recounted the story of how Ye reached out to him to collab, and even showed Akademiks text messages from the GOAT himself. “Didn’t he make it look like I was gonna be on there, though,” Draco asked Ak.

“All I wanted was an explanation. I feel like I got played…But it’s all love, with time passing and shit like that it ain’t like I’m on some ‘I hate this n*gga Kanye blah blah’,” the rapper shared during the interview.

Speaking on his angry Twitter rant, Soulja said, “I ain’t even call it trolling bruh ‘cause it was real. I just had to speak my mind and let a n*gga know, don’t be doing no shit like that, bruh.”

Elsewhere in the episode, the Chicago native spoke on his problematic comments about YoungBoy Never Broke Again fans. You can watch a clip from the show above.