T-Pain Recalls When Kanye West Stole His Bar

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T-Pain recalls the time Kanye West judged one of his bars as corny and then proceeded to use it on “Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

T-Pain has no shortage of stories stemming from his long and extensive career, and over a weekend Twitch stream he shared an amusing anecdote about the time Kanye West directly store one of his bars — after deeming it to be corny, no less.

“Kanye stole one of my corny lines,” he reveals. “I couldn’t believe it. Kanye stole one of my corny lines after he told me it was corny. I don’t think he said it better. I don’t think anything happened where his was better than mine. Mine was out, I was showing Kanye. I was working on Watch The Thone. I was so proud of my new mixtape I had, and it was mostly rap.”

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“On one of the songs I said something like ‘I got beef like two burgers, you n***as win slow and I’m smarter than Steve Urkel,” he recalls, speaking on his song “Danger.” “Keep in mind the Winslow family is corny as fuck, I knew it was corny when I said it. Kanye confirmed it — he was like don’t ever say anything like that.”

“And then after that, one of his lines was ‘too many Urkels, that’s why your wins low,'” he continues, referencing the introductory track on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. “I was like — did this n***a try to get me to not say my shit so he could say his shit? I was like what the fuck?” He even reenacts Kanye’s entire demeanor during that initial listening session. “I was like my n***a, what?!” 


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Clearly, Kanye’s psych-up tactic worked, and T-Pain learned a valuable lesson in the process. “This is why I say corny lines,” he continues. “I know in my heart that they’re corny, but if the right person says it, they’re not corny anymore. Apparently. A n***a is gettin’ lifted to the ceiling with a light shining on him, and you n***as is paying 50 dollars for chicken fingers to listen to an unfinished album…twice.”

Say what you will about T-Pain’s bars, but damned if he’s not one of the best hip-hop storytellers sharing tales right now. Check it out for yourself below.

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