Rod Wave Sings Adele & Talks About Drake In New Interview

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Rod Wave broke out into Adele’s “When We Were Young” and spoke about Drake during his latest interview.

Rod Wave is one of the most successful artists of the newer generation of hip-hop stars, coming out of Florida with raw emotion, pain, and relatable stories. Despite growing up around the street life, the 23-year-old artist has taken a different approach to his music. In a new interview with Montreality, Rod spoke about why he makes such emotional music, explaining that he can easily make a club song, he just doesn’t want to.

“I could make club songs. I could make bangers and shit that don’t make no sense. I could make that shit all day,” says Rod Wave. “That would be even easier [than what I’m doing right now] but I don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna feed nobody no bullshit. I could tell you about pounds, I could tell you about trappin’, I could tell you about stealin’ and robbin’ and killin’, I could do that. It’s just that I don’t wanna do that. It’s a new trapper-rapper every day. It’s a new gangster, killer, murderer every day. I don’t wanna be in that lane.”

During the interview, Rod also spoke about his love for Adele, breaking out into “When We Were Young” and explaining that he used to sing the track to his babies when they were younger, noting that they would always stop and listen intently. Rod also spoke about why he decided to interpolate Drake‘s “Over My Dead Body” on SoulFly, naming him the “GOAT”.

Check out Rod Wave‘s new interview with Montreality below.

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