Lil Wayne is one of the biggest legends in the game and whenever he has an opportunity to show love to the younger artists, he takes full advantage. Wayne is one of the few older artists who appreciate the younger generation, even if sometimes he might not know who a few guys are. Regardless, if Wayne knows who you are, there is a good chance he likes you and will compliment you if given the platform.

Recently, Wayne was on the “Players Day Off” where he got to speak about the world of skateboarding. Wayne is a huge skating enthusiast and some say he is the greatest rapper-skater of all time. When this title was given to Wayne in the interview, he rejected the compliment and noted that the title should go to the likes of Rich The Kid and YG.

Lil Wayne

Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Young Money/Republic Records

“No, I am trying to tell you man… they got people who don’t be wanting to show they skills for real until they get around me. Man, I’m gone expose you. First of all, Rich The Kid — man, the man skate with three watches on. Man that’s just that though,” Wayne explained. “Man YG man, I’m serious man. Man the hardest n***a in the world. I’m just sitting there like, ‘Man this man bloated out.’”

This is some seriously high praise from Wayne, and Rich The Kid couldn’t help but acknowledge it as he took to Instagram saying “Damn the goat @liltunechi luv u twin we bout to fuck these ppl up I’m honored to be apart.”

Getting such an honor from Lil Wayne is pretty huge, and we’re sure it could lead to some new skateboarding clips from the artist, in the near future.