Conway The Machine & Jim Jones Determined To Battle

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After B. Dot’s latest top 10 awoke no shortage of competitive spirit, Conway The Machine and Jim Jones appear destined for a battle of the bars.

If there’s one thing that hip-hop’s many great emcees share, it’s a competitive spirit. Understandable, given that battling has been a foundational part of the culture, with artists like Eminem, JAY-Z, DMXRaekwonMethod Man, and Busta Rhymes having all dabbled in lyrical bloodsport during their formative years. To this day, all it takes is one simple top ten list to go viral — after that, there’s no telling what matter of hell might break loose.

It began when B. Dot Miller shared his own Top 10 Best Rappers Of 2021 list, which ultimately placed Conway The Machine at 4 and Jim Jones at 10. Evidently, Jones did not appreciate his placement at the bottom, going so far as to suggest he’d make short work out of anyone else included.

Jim Jones

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Being a competitor to the fullest extent, Machine didn’t exactly take kindly to Jone’s anybody can get it mentality, countering that he would be more than willing to battle it out in a true display of dominance.

“I’m minding my business tryna enjoy my 2 Michelin star dinner right now but fuck it I got a little time on my hands,” captions Machine, sharing a clip of the Dipset lyricist. “@bdottm @complex u already KNOW capo can’t fuck wit me…” The callout prompted Jones to slide into the comments, flexing longevity and inviting Conway to pick an era. Naturally, Machine opted for “The Griselda Era.”

Conway The Machine

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Given that it was his list that kickstarted the situation to begin with, it’s no surprise that things came full circle back to B Dot. Taking to Twitter, the media host set the stage for a potential battle to take place, calling upon Boi-1da to provide the beats. Conway wasn’t having it, however, making it clear that it’s longtime collaborator Daringer who deserves the honor.

“Foh @bdotTM it’s daringer time plus I already put work in on heatmakers and fraud beats on bro last 3 albums,” writes Machine. “I got home field advantage now.”

At this moment, it’s unclear as to how this battle might come together — though Jones has expressed interest in doing something face-to-face, which would certainly make for an exciting event. After all, that’s what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, and seeing two of the game’s sharpest lyricists going head to head would do wonders in bringing bars back to the forefront of the culture…where they rightfully belong.

Were Jones and Machine to do battle, who are you voting for?



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