Very rarely do aspiring artists get a chance to soak up game from established artists in the music industry. Some opportunities have been presented to up-and-coming musicians through apps like Clubhouse, which removes a degree of separation from our favorite celebrities. Other events, including Instagram and Facebook’s Inaugural Creator Week with stars like Saweetie, Olivia Rodrigo, 50 Cent, and more, should be a must-watch for artists seeking advice on how to make it big in the music business.

The multiple-day event featured rappers Saweetie and 50 Cent, who both use Instagram and Facebook strongly to their advantage. Fiddy spoke to Sylvia Obell about how social media can be used to elevate your music platform. “Social media allows the artist to meet the audience before they meet the record label,” said the iconic rapper before offering another solid piece of advice. “Let the music speak for itself, the audience gets to choose who makes it.”

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

Saweetie was another guest for Creator Week, speaking about how she’s used her social media platform to further herself in other areas. “I’ve always been a girl of aesthetics, I’ve always been someone of purposeful content,” she said. “If I’m posting something to promote my business, the lighting is right, the colors are coordinated, and it means something.”

She also said that she always does her research on people reaching out to collaborate, making her final decision based on energy. “No matter how many followers someone has, I always do background research on that person,” she said. “Protect your energy. Protect your brand. Protect your business. When someone wants to collaborate with you make sure that it makes sense and that they’re good people to do business with.”

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

Tune in for Day 3 of Creator Week here.