Hit-Boy has become widely recognized as one of the game’s sought-after producers, having recently secured a Grammy Award for his work on Nas’ King’s DiseaseAnd while last year was easily one of his most prolific, many still count his Watch The Throne classic “Ni**as In Paris” to be his definitive instrumental. Clearly, Hit-Boy himself has no illusions about the appeal of “In Paris,” taking to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the track’s FL Studio session.


Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Jokingly describing it as a “Hit-Boy type beat,” the producer shares a closer look at his “In Paris” arrangement, queuing up the song’s iconic introduction. Eagle-eyed watchers will enjoy attempting to decipher the FL Studio session, though his dynamic camerawork makes it difficult to get a clear view. Nor does he opt to play one of the more densely arranged sections, which would have been interesting to hear given how many different tracks are included. Still, it’s cool to see how the track’s introduction was pieced together across various tracks.

Considering that there was once a time when FL Studio was regarded as substandard by certain industry purists, it’s certainly refreshing to see the longtime hip-hop favorite responsible for such a massive hit. It’s equally refreshing to see Hit-Boy sharing a closer look at how “In Paris” was constructed, even if some of his more detailed production secrets remain closely guarded. Check out the glimpse at the FL Session that went on to go six-times platinum below and sound off — is this a Top-5 Hit-Boy beat?