It’s always interesting when a rapper produces their own beats, as it allows them to tap into another form of creative expression. Sometimes, an artist’s most personal songs are the ones on which they fire on both cylinders. Other times, they’re simply looking to wild out and craft a banger — either way, the game’s double threats deserve plenty of appreciation.


 Isaac Brekken/Getty Images 

As it happens, Logic is no stranger to the boards, having laced tracks on albums like The Incredible True Story and Under Pressure. Though he tends to delegate the bulk of the production load to 6ix, and most recently No I.D, it would appear that retirement has left him with ample time to flex his beatmaking chops. He recently shared a glimpse at his studio nook, one lined with some of his favorite cultural staples (though no sign of his $226k Pokemon card collection), and teased a few no-doubt productive “Beat Makin” sessions having taken place.

While it’s unclear as to whether he intends to shop the results around — perhaps he simply wanted to keep his mind active during his retirement period — it looks like Bobby Tarantino is already fielding interest in his handiwork. Former collaborator Joyner Lucas, who enlisted Logic for their combative lyrical anthem “Isis” on 2019’s ADHD, slid into the comments inquiring after a beat or two. “Send me sumthin,” comments Joyner, perhaps seeking music for his new super-group in the works.

Even if we don’t end up hearing any Logic-produced music released in the near future, it’s still nice to see Bobby back in his bag — after all, if history tells us anything, hip-hop retirement tends to be a surprisingly temporary development.