It’s not exactly every day, or year for that matter, that a new studio album from Dr. Dre emerges to see the light of day. For the most part, the music of the notorious perfectionist has been largely kept in a vaulted state, leaving fans to speculate on whether or not a fourth project is indeed on the way. Last we heard on that front, Page Kennedy confirmed that Dre’s new album was actually complete, casually flexing that what he heard sounded “fire.”

Dr. Dre

 Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Now, Eminem has come through with another tantalizing tidbit of information, one that seems to indicate that a new project from the Good Doctor is indeed on the horizon. In fact, his Music To Be Murdered By: Side B collaboration cut “Guns Blazing” was originally meant to be on Dre’s untitled fourth album. Slim confirmed as much during a recent interview on Shade 45, where he proceeded to go track-by-track and open up about the creation of his latest project.

“That was actually a record that I stole from Dre,” reveals Em, around the fifteen-minute mark. “Cause he was sending me music and he kept sending me shit and every time he sends I’m like ‘yo this one’s crazier than the last one.’ I don’t even know which one is the craziest one. He sends me [‘Guns Blazing] with his verse and hook and I was like ‘yo, I gotta jump on this shit.’ We actually traded couple of times cause I did a couple of other songs and I’m like ‘yo you can that one that I just sent you if I can have that one’ and we kinda swapped a little bit. It’s very personal. That’s a very personal song.”

While we have yet to hear Dre’s confirmation, it’s becoming increasingly hard to deny that a follow-up to 2015’s Compton is actively in the works. Here’s hoping that when it does arrive, we can catch the song that Em actually traded to secure “Guns Blazing” in the first place. Are you excited to hear some new music from the Doc?